Methods and use

As a sleep consultant, I'm working with several methods to improve the sleep of your child. 

First we have a discovery call, just to find out if I can help you.

If you choose for a two-weeks coaching package, I will send you an intake form. Then we will schedule a Zoom meeting and discuss the intake form together.

I will send you a personal sleep plan to start within two or three days.

During our time together I'll give you feedback and tips, we evaluate every day and you keep a logbook so I can see the changes and give you respons. 


If you just want some personal advice, we can schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss the routine of your baby. I will help you to set the perfect stage for your little one.



We discuss which approach suits your family, I work with a no involvement approach, a moderate involvement approach and a high involvement approach. It depends on your child's age, parent involvement and family circumstances. That is why each family receives a personal sleep plan and approach.